Laurence Fanon method floor bar classes

Floor Bar Classes have been a fantastic success for some years among professionals and amateurs alike. Invented by Boris Kniasse in paris, famous for giving class to soloists, all teachers who use this method have a certain sensitivity.
Laurence Fanon, who was trained at Paris Opera Ballet School, after dancing as a soloist and working as an aerialist at Paris Lido, now devotes her life to choreography and is a teacher of floor bar classes. Through concentration, will and conciousness of movement she gives particular energy to her classes
Alternatively working exercises from modern and classical dance, dynamic movements of the back, stomach and side tone and sculpt the body whilst gaining in flexibility and endurance.
Breathing becomes placed and movements develop quality.

For professional and amateur dancers and acrobats of all levels from adolescence.

Laurence Fanon's Classes, assisted by Catherine Laymet andCorinne Le Bollé,

start on the 2nd of September 2002

Monday and Friday from 17h30 to 18h55

and on Saturday from 13h30 to 15h

at CIDJ, Centre International de Danse Jazz

54 A, rue de Clichy 75009 Paris. Métro Liège ou Place de Clichy. Tél : 01 53 32 75 00.